Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SanYuanLi Vegetable Market - Beijing

Last Saturday we set out to do a dry run of Margot's adventure to the International Newcomer's meeting on Monday morning. This involved Margot taking the lead on leading us through the subway maze to the Capital Club. That went flawlessly. On the way back I got us lost looking for the Sanyuanli vegetable market.

Wouldn't you know it - the guy we stopped on the sidewalk happened to be Japanese. But he knew the way and we got there fine although his English was only marginally better than my Chinese. Actually Margot knew the way, but I wasn't listening carefully.

Reportedly many of the fine restaurants in Beijing get there produce here.  It is one long building - about twice as long as the picture above. Fruit on one end, meat in the middle and vegetables on the other end. The lady at stall 87 knew the English name of every vegetable in her shop plus the ones she didn't have.

I'll get a picture of the pigs feet next time we go.
You can also get cheese, etc. Actually there are a lot of foreign goods on sale here. Cheapest place so far to buy wine. Margot will have to report on what 69 RMB wine tastes like. Prices are pretty reasonable I thought. Didn't have to negotiate to feel like you were getting a bargain. That doesn't mean we didn't leave some money on the table so to speak. It was pretty quiet by the time we got there after lunch. I'm sure it is a lot busier in the morning.

Again, with the contrasts. This is the shopping mall underneath our apartment building (it is under a lot of buildings, it is huge). No bargains here, although there are a lot of western brand comfort-type foods (with Chinese characteristics). I'm talking Dairy Queen, Cold Stone Creamery, Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, etc.

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