Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dagang, Tianjin, PRC

I don't think I have ever posted any pictures from Dagang. Dagang is a small industrial city or district of Tianjin. Tianjin is actually quite large - about the size of South Carolina and Dagang is at the southern end.

Dagang is the location of the plant on which I am working. (Margot made me lose the dangling preposition.) Everyday after lunch I walk down to the local market to buy a Coke. I stopped to take pictures of a few of the street vendors one day.

The lady above is making some sort of rice and vegetables wrapped in seaweed - sort of like sushi but without the fish.

This guy is making kaomianjin which is literally roasted gluten. I think it is some sort wheat based dish.

Here is a closeup. I'm not sure how he does the spiral cut.

You can have it as spicy as you want.

This is a picture of a lake and park on the north side of Dagang.

There is a small amusement park there. I didn't get a picture but there is mini-zoo there with some monkeys.

This is looking the other way. The large building is a university. I think it may be the Tianjin Foreign Language University.

This picture is looking south from the hill in the park toward the refinery and petrochemical complex where the plant will be built.

The two closest chimneys are at municipal heating plants. In China north of the Yellow and Huai Rivers, the government supplies heat to all urban houses via these power plants. They distribute the heat to the apartment buildings as steam. The heat comes on on November 15 and goes off on March 15 in this area. In Beijing the target is to keep the temperature inside at 64 Deg F. Our apartment (and many others) has supplemental heating.

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