Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pictures From Our New Apartment

Living room and dining room in 2 bedroom apartment at China World Apartments in Beijing

We moved into a new apartment last weekend. The lease was up on the old one - it's been a year already - and we wanted to move away from all the provincial tourists and toward a spot more oriented to westerners.

We chose China World Apartments (Guomao Gongyu). These first two pictures are of the living room/dining room. In this picture the kitchen and front door are down the hallway next to the bookcase. The doorway to the right of the Fuller slide rule is the guest bath.
Kitchen in apartment at China World Apartments in Beijing

Here are a couple of pictures of the kitchen. It is a little larger and nicer than the kitchen in the old apartment.

Here is the rest of the kitchen. The refrigerator is hidden behind the panels on the left half of the far wall. (You can see the vents.)

You can see the hall closet door and the edge of the front door outside the kitchen doorway.

This is the master bedroom.

This is from the master bedroom looking down the hall toward the kitchen. There is  closet area and master bath down the hall to the right just before the door.

This is the guest bedroom. We'll get it cleaned up before you come to visit.

View of CCTV tower from China World Apartments in Beijing

This is the view from the balcony outside the living room. The brownish building to the right is the China World Office Tower 2. The funny shaped building near the center is the China Central Television building. Be sure to click on the link below - it is about the building framed in the opening.

For reference this is the view from our old apartment. The building sticking up on the right on the horizon at the arrow is the China World Summit Tower. It is tallest building in Beijing. You can see the lower section of it on the left in the picture above . The China World complex is on the same street as Oriental Plaza (old apartment location) about 4km or 2.5 miles away.

CCTV building and People's Daily building in Beijing

I took this picture at dusk. The building in the center of the CCTV building is the new People's Daily headquarters building. It is still under construction and you can see the scaffolding on the building. This is the same building referenced in this link.
People's Daily Building

By the way, I recommend the Shanghaiist for a daily compilation of the dumbest, most outrageous things that happen in China. Like this one - Best Mother Ever

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