Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yu Garden - Shanghai

City God Temple (上海城隍庙 or Shànghǎi Chénghuángmiào)

Margot and I walked down to Yu Garden, also know as Yu Yuan, in the afternoon to take a look. We actually entered the garden through a Taoist temple called City God Temple (上海城隍庙 or Shànghǎi Chénghuángmiào). 

This is one of the main alters of the temple. 

You can learn more here. City God Temple

Sentinals at City God Temple (上海城隍庙 or Shànghǎi Chénghuángmiào)

These characters are standing guard to the right of the alter.

Outside there is a large incense burner. A number of people were offering prayers.

It appears that the procedure is to light your incense at these flames and then proceed to the incense burner in steps. You go so far, offer a prayer, and then proceed a little further. When complete the incense is left in the burner.

There are a lot of tourists milling around so it seems a little strange to me. I don't think I would be so comfortable with tourists wandering down the aisle of my church during a worship service.

These two clowns finally got up enough courage to ask this young woman to pose for a picture with them.

That is the corner of the incense burner on the right of the picture.

I imagine that they will get a lot of mileage out of this picture once they get back to school! You may recall what I said about foreign women getting a lot of attention last fall. You can review it here. Jingshan Park (Scroll to the bottom) If you doubted me, I rest my case.
Yu Garden or Yuyuan in Shanghai

The actual garden is generally very peaceful and quiet despite the number of tourists. Chinese garden design seems to include a lot of twists and turns, hidden areas, etc.

The garden dates back to the mid 1500s. You can learn more here.  Yu Garden

Apparently, it is famous for the Exquisite Jade Rock. I failed to get a picture of it, though.

I thought the door was interesting.

This appears to be a stage area.
Children feeding fish at Yu Garden in Shanghai

The fish pond in the middle of the park is very popular. The goldfish or carp or whatever have learned to congregate near people regardless of whether food is being thrown into the water. Once the food hits the water the feeding frenzy starts.

The kids are fascinated by the fish.

Even the turtles get in on the action.

There are all sorts of sculptures in the park. This dragon is running along the top of a wall.

This is some roof art above a doorway. There was a corresponding piece on the other side of the entry.

Click to enlarge.

This little girl was posing for a picture. Apparently she hasn't learned the V sign, yet.
Yu Garden in Shanghai

Another garden area.

This is just outside the garden. I like the juxtaposition of old and new.

This is the Yuyuan tourist shopping area outside the garden. This is the same location as this night time picture below.

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