Saturday, November 30, 2013

Baishuihe and Shuhe Village

After the Impression Lijiang we visited a couple of other areas nearby.

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The water is amazingly clear as it comes off the mountain.

Maybe you get even better luck if you get your coin in the smaller bowl in the center.

This valley is calle Lanyuegu or Blue Moon Valley. The Baishui River runs through it. I'm pretty sure dipping your finger in the water brings good luck. The water looks very blue.

It was late in the season but this flower was very pretty.

No idea what these little berries are.

I forget the name of this area. Again water cascading down. In this case a Buddha figure is added.

Here is a closeup.

I'm not sure what to make of the snakes.

The yak is eyeballin' me. I had to look it up but apparently yaks are basically hairy cows.

Wikipedia Yaks --> Yak

Later in the afternoon we walked through the village of Shuhe.

There is a river running through the village and this is one of the little farmer's plots in the village.

Yep, they are standing in the water. I can't imagine how cold it is.

You can read the story of the 3 wells and water conservation if you click on the picture. The first pool is used for drinking water, the second for washing food and the 3rd for washing dishes, I think.

All sorts of street snacks.

This woman is selling fruit outside the fancy purse store. I kind of like the juxtaposition but I should have captured it better.

Check out the sunflowers.

There are a lot of large dogs in Lijiang. In Beijing we are used to seeing only small dogs.

This guy was just chatting with his friend and watching the tourists go by.

This is the typical construction method in Lijiang. The bricks are made of dirt, stones, straw and manure. I don't think they are fired - just dried.

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