Friday, November 29, 2013

Impression Lijiang

Men standing on horses at Impression Lijiang show

After our trip up onto Jade Dragon Snow Mountain we attended the Impression Lijiang show.
Male dancers at Impression Lijiang show

The theater is outside. The mountain forms a backdrop to the stage.

The show is produced by Zhang Yimou. This is the same guy who produced the opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Women carrying baskets on their backs at the Impression Lijiang show

The actors are local people - not professional actors.

It is an extravaganza of song and dance that depicts the lifestyle of the ethnic groups in the area.
Drums at the Impression Lijiang show

It is a pretty impressive sight.

The show has a cast of about 500 people and 100 horses.

The set is pretty spectacular.

We had a pretty good day. It wouldn't be quite so much fun in the rain or summer time temps.

There are 300 actors in this scene.

Here is a crowd shot to get an idea how large the theater is. I understand they run 6 shows a day in peak season to give you an idea how many people visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

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