Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lijiang Visit

A few weeks ago Margot and I took a trip to Lijiang in Yunnan province. Yunnan is a southern province of China the borders on Vietnam, Burma and Laos. Yunnan is home to a large number of ethnic minorities. Lijiang is the center of Naxi (na-shee) culture.

Lijiang has a vary large, well preserved ancient center (about 800 years old) which has become a very popular tourist spot. The ancient architecture has been well preserved although many of the original residents rent there homes out to shop keepers.

It's registration  on the UNESCO World Heritage list has been a blessing and a curse. The old town has become pretty commercialized since then. Notice the sign left of center.

Lijiang is located at the eastern end of the Himalaya mountain range. The elevation on the town is about 2600 meters or about 8500 feet. You can feel a little out of breath or light-headed when you first arrive.

That is Yuelong Xue Shan or Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the background. More on that in later posts.

This is a very common method of drying corn (and gloves) throughout China.

Click to enlarge.

The town has a number of streams running through and I imagine this was one of the reasons it was established here many years ago. The water is snow melt from the mountain.

A view of another of the streams.

This woman is dressed in typical Naxi style.

The garment on her back is made of black goat skin. It protects her back and clothes when she carries goods or a basket on her back. Usually it is adorned with 7 stars where the strings emerge from the black.

This man was posting notices on the wall. I think they are apartments for rent, employment advertisements, etc. There where a fair number of people looking at the notices. Not everyone has easy access to the internet, I imagine.

It is a tourist town. You can take a ride on a Naxi horse through town. The horses are small and slow but very sure footed.

This is a food stall catering to the tourists.

The ancient village lanes are too narrow for vehicles - walking only.

They have down a nice job lighting the old village - particularly this hill area.

More to come regarding the visit in the next few postings.

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