Friday, May 1, 2009

Night Scenes

Took some pictures over a couple of evenings of the street scenes in the TEDA section of Tianjin. TEDA stands for Tianjin Economic Development Area. This area is about 20 or so miles from Tianjin city proper in an area near the town of Tanggu. You can learn more here.

This is an intersection (roundabout, sort of) a couple of blocks down the street from our hotel. The infrastructure in the cities in China is amazing. Excellent roads. The road in front of the hotel is 3 lanes each way plus a wide bicycle lane on each side.
This image was shot at ISO 1600. I did use control points in CaptureNX to darken the sky and hide the noise.

I love the business names in China. I'm guessing it rolls of the tongue a little better in Chinese. I think it is a KTV lounge. KTV means karaoke in Asia.

Not exactly sure what this place is. One of people traveling with us asked the concierge at the hotel about it. The concierge got a little embarrased and said he could not recommend it. Earlier he used the term "green light" when discussing a KTV lounge and said it was suitable for mixed company. He used the term "red light" here. I'm not sure he intended to imply anything with that term but my guess it was a fortuitous choice of terms.

This is our hotel in TEDA.

I used a monopod with all these. I could have done some more interesting exposures with a tripod but I couldn't see dragging it all the way there when I was packing. Next time I think I will take it.

This is a view of the riverfront in downtown Tanggu. The river is the Hai He. It flows through Tianjin, also.

This is the a picture from downtown Tianjin. The ferris wheel is on a bridge over the Hai He. Very nice riverfront. Most of the old European style buildings from the Foreign Concessions period (1860 to 1947) have been torn down. Mostly new and modern although a number of buildings from the period remain in areas away from the river.

Another view.

These aren't night scenes but I don't know where else to put them. This is a view from my hotel room at the China World Hotel. The light is getting on toward the golden hour.

Here are two scenes of the lobby.

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