Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blue Grass Fish and Wildlife Area Canoe Trip

Saturday was a beautiful day for almost anything. We went canoeing with a group of friends for a "moonlight paddle". We shoved off about 7:00PM and finished about 9:00. The trip warganized by Dana for Newburgh Welcome Wagon.

There were 11 couples in our group plus a few guides and a couple of other participants.0

Here we are getting on the water. Nobody got wet!

Here are Becky and Bryan.

Learned a couple of photography lessons. First, the dark water tends to convince the matrix metering to let too much light in resulting in washed out faces.

Here are Stefani and Doug.

Kristen and Dave.

Next time I'll use a higher f-stop (smaller aperture) to get a greater depth of field. Sometimes one person is in focus and the other closer to or further from camera is a little blurry.

Lorene and Mark.

Jane and Scott

Lots of people

Dana and Tommy

Tom, Tommy, Kristin, Scott, Dana and Jane
(L to R)

I liked this version better. You can see Tom's face. Margot liked the one above better. I'm not sure what she is trying to say.

Kate and Kent

Two of our guides

Larry, Carol, Tommy and Dana

Scott and Jane


Our geese friends

The clouds were beautiful when the sun went down. Not sure where the moon was. Either there were some clouds on the horizon or the moon hadn't risen by the time we left.

This is the vicious muskrat trying to decide which canoe to attack. This is the only mammal we saw. Lots of birds, a few fish jumping around.

This picture was taken with a flash. Used a high ISO value to capture a little of the background so it is a little grainy.

We were on the southern part of the long lake just to the left of center.
This lake is part of a reclaimed strip mine.

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  1. That's Loon Pit