Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brown County, Cave-in-Rock, French Lick

This is a catch up posting. These pictures are from several years ago. I never did get around to processing and posting them on the blog.

This covered bridge is near Nashville, Indiana at the entrance to Brown County State Park.

It is a really pretty place in the fall.

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge for a better view.

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This is another covered bridge in the same area.

This is the Bean Blossom Bridge. Both bridges are still in use today.

Here are the six of us who made a long weekend out of it. From left to right Dan Mestelle, Lisa Mestelle, Mike Farrell, Diane Farrell, Margot Savage and Tom Savage.

You can see what the inside of the bridge looks like in this one.

There wasn't much traffic.

Learn more here.
Bean Blossom Bridge

Nashville is full of "cute" shops specifically designed to get women to spend their money.

Not sure what this guy's story is but he does reinforce the fact that Nashville is in a very rural part of Indiana.

The shops create a sort of a sensory overload situation.

Eventually the men just couldn't stand it anymore and resigned themselves to hanging around outside and waiting.

Not really any relationship between the preceding and following pictures other than some of the people are the same and both are in southern Indiana.

This is the lobby of the West Baden Springs Hotel near French Lick, Indiana.

The hotel opened in 1902 and was quite an amazing structure for its time.

Here is another picture with a little better view of the dome.

Learn more of the history of the hotel here.

West Baden Springs Hotel

A fairly classy joint.

This time it was just Margot, Lisa, Diane and me.

And finally a few pictures from Cave-in-Rock State Park in Illinois.

Here are Margot and Jacques a few years ago when Jacques was a little more active.

Here they are inside the cave.

It has an interesting history.

Cave-in-Rock Park

There are a couple of pictures of the bluff where the cave is located at the bottom of this earlier post.

Cave-in-Rock and Garden of the Gods

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