Sunday, April 8, 2012

Moon Pictures, Again

Well there was a full moon again last night. I took a few more pictures to try a couple of new techniques. Here is the best one of the bunch.

Key learning is that f/11 is about optimum. If you go to a larger f-stop (smaller aperture) you start to get diffraction effects.

I converted this one to black and white.

This picture was from a couple of days earlier. I didn't convert this one to black and white. Some differences in contrast and brightness but what I find interesting is this the 2 shots seem to differ in which side of the moon has more definition. This must be a subtle effect of the angle that the light is striking the surface.

Notice that is this picture the lower left has more definition. In the one above the upper right seems to have more definition.

You would think the full moon would be more interesting but here is a repeat of a picture from a week ago. Notice how more of the surface has side lighting which generates shadows and depth.


  1. Thanks for sharing the thought process... are these of original focal length or cropped?

  2. Hi Ajay, nice to hear from you. They are cropped. The longest lens I have is 400mm when zoomed out to the max. The camera is a D7000 with a 1.5 crop factor so 600mm equivalent.

    The original image was 4928x3264 before I cropped it to 2437x1624. I then resized to 1200x800 for posting. So the cropped image is about 1/4 of the original.