Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rural Kentucky - Oil Wells and Tractors

Took a ride around in the countryside last Sunday. Lots of abandoned and active oil wells in this area.

This one is abandoned. The Ohio River is just beyond the  trees in the background.

Here is a link to the location if you are interested. Zoom out to get a perspective on the location. This well is in the center of this map location.

Oil well location

Is one is actively pumping. It is located about 120 yards due east of the one above.

You can walk right up to these wells although usually they are a little further from the road. No fences, etc.

Be careful around these. There is no guard around the belts, etc.

Here is a look at the well head. The rod leaving the top of the picture on the right hand side is the rod you see going up and down as the pump moves.

The rectangular box next to the concrete is a mechanically driven jockey pump. There is a rod that moves a lever as the pump rocks. It is pumping emulsifier from the drum into the oil as it leaves the well.

Another view.

I looked all over the internet trying to find out what DMO 100 is. Other than an emulsifier, I'm not sure. I imagine it is added to the oil to keep any water dispersed until it gets to the refinery.

Here is a good explanation of how they work.

On the way home we came across this tractor and disk arrangement taking up most of the road.

I pulled off the side and stuck the camera out of the window.

Click to enlarge.

Just got a glimpse of the old guy driving the rig.

Is that a hamburger in his hand? He must have caused quite a traffic jam at McDonalds.

He seemed pretty excited to get his picture taken.

At least that is my assumption since he is waving with all 5 fingers!

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