Thursday, April 5, 2012

Springtime in Indiana - Easter Egg Hunt, Peonies, and Dogwoods

Well, spring has definitely arrived in Evansville. I don't know who's house this is but I thought the trees were amazing.

The house is on Plaza Dr.

Here is our front yard. Not quite the same maturity in the landscaping.

Palm Sunday means Easter egg hunt at Eastminster Presbyterian Church.

These 5 look like they are taking it pretty seriously. Getting psyched to score the most candy.

And they're off!

The competition was pretty fierce.

That darn Easter Bunny hides eggs everywhere.

Some of the kids were really into it.

And some were just having fun running barefoot in the grass.

I'm happy to report that the parents set the standard for good behavior unlike this situation in Colorado.

The peonies in the back yard just bloomed this week. 

They will only stay around for a week or so but they are beautiful.

This shot is in the late afternoon when there is a sort of warm glow to the light.

Here is the plant in context.

This day was cloudy.

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