Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Few Family Pictures

Here is a picture of Tom and Misheil coloring eggs on Easter. These are peeled and were turned into deviled eggs for Easter dinner. Is there something wrong about preparing eggs that way for Easter?

Click to enlarge.

Mike and Lauren spent the night with us on their way to Champaign for a wedding.

Here is Emily prancing around outside as they prepared to leave this morning.

Margot is posing with Ben in this picture.

Notice the flag counter on the right hand side bar. Through the magic of IP addresses they can figure out where visitors to the blog are from. Kind of neat, I think.

I should have left the flash on. This would have been a lot sharper.

On the other hand the chaos of the perpetual motion machine would have been lost.

Here is slightly calmer picture although it is still a little blurry.

Mike, Lauren, sorry you guys didn't make the cut as photo subjects.

Maybe I can take a couple of pictures of you when you return on Sunday.

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