Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blog Viewer Statistics

You may have noticed the Flag Counter I added to the blog layout about a month ago. It is right here ------>

In the 26 days since I added the counter the blog has received visitors from 49  different countries around the world and from 39 of the 50 U.S. states. If you click on the  Flag Counter area on the right hand side of the blog you can see the statistics. I think it is absolutely amazing that 1/3 of the visitors are from a country other than the U.S. Here is a recent screen shot.

I think it would be neat to share the blog with someone from every state.  Would you help me with that? If you know someone in one of the following states who might enjoy the pictures would you forward the following link to them? Or post the link on your Facebook status? I'd appreciate it. You can copy and paste the link as needed.

Here is the link --->

Here are the missing states:
New Mexico
North Dakota
North Carolina
Rhode Island
Washington, D.C.


Please feel free to do the same if you know someone in one of the countries without a flag on the map below.

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