Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Murcia, Spain - Casino and Cathedral

Here are some pictures Margot took on Monday while I was at work. This is the entrance to the Casino in Murcia. The casino dates back to 1847 and is the home of the elite social club of Murcia. The building has recently been restored.

A portion of the building is open to the public for tours.

The building is located on a street called Tatters. It is a pedestrian only street that run from the Cathedral to the Plaza de Santo Domingo. I think the street name has something to do with the concentration of tailors on the street in days long ago.

This is the central hallway of the Arab courtyard. The decor is inspired by the Alhambra.

Many object d'art.

This is the reading room or library.

This is the ballroom - built between 1870 and 1875.

There are murals on the ceiling as well.

This is the hall of arms. It was once used for fencing contests.

You can have lunch in the restaurant.

This area is known as the Pompeian Yard. It is covered by a cast iron and glass dome.


  1. I happy that you've posted my less than quality photographs. Love you!

  2. Nice pics. Beautiful Building.Can't wait for the wedding pics. Charlie & Janet