Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flowers, Bumblebees and Blog Stats

Bumblebee #1

Here are a few bumblebee pictures from the lavender in the front yard.

Late afternoon, shadow, no flash.

Bumblebee #2

Late afternoon, shadow, flash, underexposed 1 EV then adjusted in post processing.

Please let me know in the comment section below which bee picture you find the most aesthetically pleasing.

Bumblebee #3

Late afternoon, shadow, flash, properly exposed.

Click to enlarge.

Bumblebee #4

Early morning, sun, no flash, properly exposed.

OK, please comment on which one you find most pleasing.

Here is a nice Clematis.

Ok. Now it is a flower test. Which of the these do you find more pleasing. This is called Rose Campion or Lychnis coronaria.

Flower #1

Early evening, sun light, 200mm focal length, f11.

Even though this one is at f11, because of the focal length it has a shallower depth of field than the following 2.

Flower #2

Early evening, shade, 35mm focal length, f3.2.

Flower #3

Early evening, shade, 35mm focal length, f3.2.

Ok, so which to do you find more pleasing? Use the comment section below.

Quick update on blog stats. Over the last 10 days I've picked up 6 new countries. Some interesting ones - Palestinian Territories, Lebanon and Denmark, Ireland, Columbia and Taiwan.

Only added 2 new states. North Carolina and Nebraska.

Here are the still missing states:
New Mexico
North Dakota
Rhode Island
Washington, D.C.

If you know anyone in these states please forward the blog link to them. I appreciate it.


  1. Bumblebee #4 and Clematis. Nice pics but too close for comfort. I felt a sting.

    Uncle Chip

  2. I like bumblebee #1 & 3--with preference to #1.
    Clematis is great. The other flower #3 by far for the interest of the picture as a whole.
    Nancy E.

  3. I like bumblebee #3 because there is more bee detail, the color of the lavender is true and the background is softer.
    I like flower #1, however I think it cuts the picture in half. I also like #2 with the soft, yet contrasting background.