Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trip to South Carolina - Lake Keowee

Margot and I recently returned from a trip to South Carolina. We, along with Greg and Theresa, rented this house on Lake Keowee for a few days.

The house was very nice and in a great location.

Lake Keowee in Google Maps

The house is at the south end of the lake.

Here are a few pictures of some of the landscaping around the house.

I guess these are the same flowers but in different colors.

I understand they are hydrangea. I got that from two sources and Wikipedia seems to confirm it.

I'm pretty sure these are lilies of some variety.

Here is the view in the backyard at sunset.

I published some bumblebee photos from Indiana a week or two ago. Here is a South Carolina bumblebee. Notice the sacks of collected nectar on on his (or her) legs.

Here is a ladybug. Notice the pollen on its back.

Click to enlarge.

We rented a boat one day. Here is a view of some of the mountains from the lake.

We went under a couple of bridges during the trip. There were nests attached to the concrete bridge deck. I think these are Barn Swallows.

These nests are made of 100s if not 1000s of dabs of mud carried by beak to the nesting site.

All sorts of boating activities on the lake. There are a couple of marinas - one of which is dedicated to a sailing club. Actually, there was very little boating activity on the lake during the week. I'm sure it picked up significantly over the Memorial Day weekend.

I think this guy is wake boarding.

Looks like they are going tubing. Now that I look at the picture more closely it looks like that tube is just for floating around the dock.

And another thing - I approve of that swimsuit cover-up.

Here is a picture of Margot enjoying the day on the water.

There is an amazing array of real estate around the lake. Some are huge.

Some are merely large.

Some are over the top.

Some have beautiful landscaping.

Some are of 1970's vintage and a little more modest.

Others have open unobstructed views of the lake and mountains.

Generally speaking the homes are almost all pretty nice.

But some are just weird. Somebody poured a lot of money into this place. The previous owner must be a past president of the More-Money-Than-Brains Club.

I understand it was empty for a long time but a couple of women have recently purchased it. Don't know what they have planned.

If you click on this picture you'll see a snake we found lounging in the middle of a residential street.

Nancy Elliott - DO NOT CLICK!

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  1. don't think my earlier post took. Nice shots. Too bad the ladies beat you to that last house... I know you secretly want it.