Friday, May 18, 2012

Tom and Misheil's Wedding Reception Pictures

Here are a few pictures from the reception. I apologize for not making an effort to get a picture of everyone there. We'll have to wait until the official pictures come out for that.

Misheil was beautiful and Tom has never looked happier.

The reception started off with a processional keenly anticipated by all of us amateur photographers.

Some of the flower girls lead the parade.

The groomsmen came next.

Actually maybe the bridesmaids came before the groomsmen.

Then of course the bride and groom.

We had some toasts.

Everyone was anxious for dinner to be served.

Dinner included a Filipino delicacy - roasted pig. It was very good, I thought.

Some chit chat after dinner. The young woman in the green sweater is Michael's friend Amanda. I wish I had a better picture. She was very brave coming to a family function like this since it was the first time we have met her. Here Michael is trying to give her some relief, I think, from Lauren's 20 questions.

At some point my parents asked me to take their picture. I think they plan to use this in the paper for their 60th wedding anniversary. How sweet - of course, I'd be honored. It is more of a mug shot than a posed picture but it should work.

I was a little less enthusiastic when they suggested  individual ones. Their logic was they would be a lot better than an old high school yearbook pictures for their obituaries.


I didn't get a picture of the first dance. Here is the second dance - mother and groom. I think Margot was expecting a waltz - not Proud Mary or whatever it was. Someone will provide the correct tune.

I've got to say there were a lot of enthusiastic dancers.

Misheil was leading the way.

Bob, Melanie and Alyssa were getting into it.

Margot thought we needed a shot of the back of Misheil's dress for some reason.

Even the great-grandmothers got in on the YMCA action!

The single women were at least trying to catch the bouquet.

I have never seen a more uninterested group of single guys in my life. How the heck are you going to catch a garter with your hands in your pocket or a drink in your hand!

I think the little guy ended up taking it away.

Some dancing spectators.

Here they are leaving. No rice - bubbles.

Some how I'm thinking Brett won't be sharing this picture with his buddies at work. Byran probably not, either.

Tom's car had a mechanical issue the day before the wedding so he borrowed this 1972 Ninety-Eight.

I thought the Saran wrap was a nice touch. I hadn't seen that before.

I didn't take any pictures at the wedding or rehearsal dinner. But I've got these 2 pictures to put somewhere. Here are some of the ladies working on the flowers.

The church is very nice.


  1. Love the pictures!!

  2. Looks like a beautiful wedding! Margot looked gorgeous!!! Tom, the back of a brides dress is very important to get on camera :)

  3. It was a very nice affair. I'm still not sure why on the back of the dress but you and Margot aren't the only ones to say so.