Saturday, June 14, 2014

Forbidden City with Greg and Theresa

Greg and Theresa Brue in front of the Tian'anmen Gate in Beijing

These are the last pictures from Greg and Theresa's visit to China. That is, of course, the famous picture of the Great Helmsman, Chairman Mao at Tian'anmen. Tian'anmen is usual translated as the Gate of Heavenly Peace. Tian is sky or heaven, An is peace, and Men is gate or door.

People's Armed Police in Beijing

I'm still about a 2 months behind on pictures. I have actually sorted and processed all the pictures but posting them has been a challenge. The 25th anniversary of the June 4, 1989 Tian'anmen Square incident (or massacre depending on your perspective) has been the occasion of significant tightening of internet access. In addition, Google is being punished in China now - presumably for their cooperation with the NSA on spying. This blog is published on Google servers so I have to use a VPN to publish it. The restrictions have generally slowed down traffic between China and the rest of the world so even the VPN is spotty.

Forbidden City

We had a pretty nice day for their visit. This is inside the Forbidden City in the administrative area as opposed to the emperor's residence area.

I always forget to look up. The ceilings took a lot of work.

The throne in the Hall of Preserving Harmony in the Forbidden City in Beijing

This is one of the throne rooms where the emperor would hold court.

Ceramic tile decoration in Beijing's Forbidden City

I think I have published a picture of this ceramic tile decoration before but I think the light is nice on this picture.

Greg and Theresa Brue in th Forbidden City

Here are Greg and Theresa in front of the interlocking tree of love in the Forbidden City. These trees are called Lianli and were commonly used in the Forbidden City.

Allegedly the last emperor Puyi and his wife Wanrong had their picture taken there.  I don't advise reading their story - it is depressing. Wanrong

I thought the detail of this incense burner is interesting. The dragon has been central to Chinese culture for many centuries.

No idea how old this tree is but it sure has an interesting form.

Earlier in the day we had visited the Panjiayuan flea market. Margot and Theresa discuss something while Greg looks bored.

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