Friday, June 20, 2014

Nancy Savage and Melanie Wall at the Summer Palace

Our last visitors during the Spring rush were Mom and Melanie. They were here for about 10 days. We had a great time showing them around Beijing.

This picture is actually at the Lama Temple. I wasn't there but Margot did take a few pictures.

It was an unusual blue sky day in Beijing. Only 5 animals on this roof.

For those of you who have visited you will know this as the tunnel between the Silk Market and the subway station. It is getting remodeled but it is still in use. They were all quite surprised to find themselves in a construction zone.

We came into a section of the Summer Palace I hadn't visited before. This is on a causeway leading to an island in Kunming Lake. That's the main part of the park in the background.

Here we rest a bit after walking up the small hill on the island.

The Tower of Buddhist Incense at the Summer Palace

We took a little ferry from the island to the main part of the Summer Palace. I took this picture from the boat.

This is the infamous Marble Boat. You can learn the full story here. Marble Boat

Nancy Savage in the Long Corridor at the Summer Palace in Beijing

Here is a Mom in the Long Corridor. There are over 14,000 paintings in the nearly 1/2 mile long walkway.

Long Corridor

Melanie Wall in the Long Corridor at the Summer Palace in Beijing

Melanie never takes a bad picture!

Tower of Buddhist Incense

This is the The Tower of Buddhist Incense.

This bridge always makes a nice picture.

I couldn't resist. Margot's first guess was Eastern Europe but I'm pretty sure she needs to go further east.

I'm pretty sure she was with the tour group following this flag. Anyone recognize it?

The flag is from Iran.

This is the Great Stage that was built in 1891. It has been recently restored and the colors are fantastic.

The stage had three levels and a series of lifts that could depict characters rising to heaven or descending into hell.

These are viewing rooms were officials could enjoy the show.

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