Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Great Wall with Mom and Melanie

Nancy Savage, Tom Savage, Margot Savage and Melanie Wall at Mutianyu Great Wall

On Sunday, June 1 we visited the Great Wall at Mutianyu. We chose this location because Margot and I hadn't been there before and because it has a chairlift to take you up to the top.

Looking at this picture one might think that wasn't a good idea.

But all's well that ends well. It did save a lot of steps.

Here is a selfie that Melanie took.

This is the view from the chairlift station.

The mountains are pretty rugged in this part of Beijing.

Here is Melanie hiking on up to the next watch tower. The rest of us weren't so ambitious.

Where's Waldo Melanie?

This inscription on the mountain says "Committed to Chairman Mao". I understand it was inscribed on the mountain during the Cultural Revolution.

It took same patience and clever cropping to get this photo without any other visitors.

Here is a shot of some of the souvenir crap available at the foot of the chairlift.

I've posted a lot of [ictures from the cloisonne factory but there is something about this one that struck me. Perhaps it was the artisan of this old art form on a cell phone or maybe the "bring your own toilet paper" statement. Both are indicative of modern day China.

I've taken pictures of this room before but this is one of the clearer shots. The cloisonne is fired in this furnace to melt the colors onto the copper base.

These dishes are beautiful but I'm not sure they are $10,000 beautiful.

Here's a couple of the drunken sailors now.

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