Sunday, June 15, 2014

Home Leave in Rogers, Arkansas

Curious fox kits in Rogers, Ar

These pictures are from our recent home visit to Rogers, AR. There was a family of foxes down the street from my mother's home.

Young fox on a log near Beaver Lake in Rogers, AR

There were 6 of them in all. They had a den in a old brush pile on the lot.

Young fox in Rogers, AR

I took pictures of them for a couple of days but then they vanished. Maybe they were old enough that they needed to go out on their own or perhaps the mother relocated the entire group.

There was a fishing tournament on Beaver lake  on Saturday. This is the weigh in at the end of the day.

They were expecting 700 fishermen for the event. Here are some of the boats lined up along the shore.

Here are a few pictures from another day on the lake. We were out on Greg's boat. We met up with some old longtime friends, Tom and Sue Burkenpas who recently moved to Rogers. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures. Next time.

Fishing is very popular this time of year.

These young guys were catching some rays.

Their friends were paddling to join them.

Chotkowski Gardens open house on Mother's Day 2014

On Mother's Day Mom, Margot and I visited the Chotkowski Gardens in Fayetteville at Dana's invitation. Every year they hold an open house so that people can enjoy their Peonies.

You may remember that we visited a Peony garden in Luoyang, China a few weeks earlier. You can see that posting here ---> Luoyang Peony Festival

I think this is an Iris not a Peony.

These are Peonies.

You can learn more about Chotkowski Gardens at these links.

Chotkowski Gardens on Facebook
Fayetteville Flyer

Here is the view of Beaver Lake from Prairie Creek Park Road. We stopped on our way home from dinner at JJ's Grill at Prairie Creek Marina to take a couple of pictures just as the sun was setting.

This is an Iris in Mom's front yard.

These are Rhododendrons, also in her yard. Early May is a very pretty time of year in Rogers.

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