Saturday, September 12, 2009

County Cork

As predicted, the weather improved dramatically overnight. A simply beautiful day. We drove to Blarney to visit the eponymous castle. Here is the view as you approach the castle. It is built on a rock outcrop along the river.

Another shot from the surrounding park.

Up close.

This is the view of the NARROW staircase up 4 floors or so to the top of the castle.

Here is someone kissing the Blarney stone. The stone was placed in the castle tower in 1446. Make up your own story about the stone's origin and the gift of eloquence. Apparently everyone else has.

A view from the top of the castle.

This is an Irish Robin in the park.

This the Blarney house. It is a very elegant home - allegedly. It is only open in the spring. It was built in 1874.

We ate lunch at the Muskerry Arms. Nice tavern.

Later we drove to the Cork Gaol. That is the Irish spelling of jail. It was in use for about 100 years ending in 1923. A pretty desperate place.

Another shot inside.

Here is a shot of the main entrance, a former gallows, from one of the cell windows.

Another shot outside.

This shot is out the car window while driving through Cork.

These shots are in the countryside on the way back.

Those black dots are cattle on the hillside.

I took this picture out the car window as we drove through Macroom. This is the local castle located along the river right in the middle of town.

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