Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kenmare and the Ring of Kerry

Friday morning we started with a walk around Tralee - our home base.

We went by the church were we worshiped on Sunday and stopped in to take some pictures. This is a Church of Ireland congregation. The Church of Ireland is similar to the Church of England. Closest denomination in the US is the Episcopal Church.

Several shots inside the church. I photoshopped this one to improve the perspective.


The baptismal font dates to the 16th century.

Another shot of downtown Tralee. You don't get the sense here but the downtown is very busy. Many small shops, people walking back and forth doing their business. Much like I gather it was in the U.S. in the 1950's and earlier before the invention of the shopping mall and Walmart.

Another store front.

This is the Catholic church from the Tralee Rose Garden.

It is a huge rose garden. A little past their prime but I did take this photo there.

From Tralee we drove to Kenmare. Stepped out of the car and I see this gentleman.

We took a walk around Kenmare. I think this was on the way to the Druid stone circle. Sorry no pictures. It was basically a circle of stones.




Street scene.

Main intersection.

This gentleman was enjoying the sunshine reading the paper in the park in the center of town.

On the way back we stopped at a couple of the spots we visited in Killarney on our 2nd day here. The weather was much improved so we took some new pictures for comparison.

Margot, Tom, Sue and Bob.

The tour buses, by convention, travel only anti-clockwise on the Ring of Kerry. They still jam things up.

Muckross House in the sunshine.

Front garden. Lots of people enjoying the weather.

Gardens near the Muckross House.

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