Monday, September 7, 2009

Ireland - Day 1 Dingle Peninsula

On Saturday we drove down the Dingle Peninsula. For the most part a gray day with a little scattered rain.

This is a view from Conor Pass.

This is a common gull welcoming us to Dingle Harbour.

Here is a view of some of the fishing boats in Dingle Harbour.

This is store fronts along the Strand Street at the harbor in Dingle.

This is a lace shop along the street. I successfully maneuvered Margot in and out without any expenditures.

This is a grotto at the local Catholic church

Another street scene in Dingle town.

This is a nun graveyard at the Catholic church.

This is the back view of the church.

This is the pub in which we ate lunch. Margot and I both had fish and chips. Guinness for me.

This is a picture of the coast line near the beehive huts. I'll add a picture of the huts. There is some discrepancy among the experts but they allegedly date from somewhere between 800 AD and 2000 BC.

Those are cattle in the field and an old farmstead.

Here is a picture of Margot a what is colloquially known as Ryan's Daughter's Beach. I guess they filmed much of the movie here.

Here are Sue and Bob.

Here are Margot and I.

This is a nice view of waves crashing against the cliffs along the road.

A close up in the same area.

Kilmalkedar, a 12th century church. Is the most important ecclesiastical site in Kerry.

Here is a sheep near the church site. Notice that the sheep is spray painted. It appears that the farmers paint the sheep various colors in various locations on the body so that they can sort them out after they come down from the mountain.

Took this picture from the car as we sped along.

This is a view from the road on the way back across the peninsula.

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