Monday, September 21, 2009

Paris - Second time

Our layover in Paris was a little shorter than on the way over but we knew the system now so we repeated the exercise from a week before. This time we chose the Eiffel Tower. One extra subway change and we were there. Here is the view that greeted us as we arrived.

Click to enlarge.

We didn't have time to go up in the tower. We walked under the tower and to the other side for this picture. My main impression is that the thing is HUGE! Much bigger than I imagined.

I recruited a fellow tourist to take this one for me.

As we left the Champs des Mars, I turned around to take this picture.

We chose this cafe for lunch. A classic French cafe - all the chairs facing the sidewalk, tiny tables, over-priced, marginal service - although the waiter did speak English and was friendly enough.

This is the picture of the cafe from across the street.

Part of the tower.

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  1. Nice pictures. I really love the partial photos of the tower. they are very different but wonderful.. They would be beautiful in black and white, and framed... I think you should frame photos and try to sell them....