Saturday, September 12, 2009

Iveragh Peninsula

Another beautiful day. We took a right to the Iveragh peninsula. This is Ross beach in Glenbeigh.

Click to enlarge.

A flower shot. Not sure what type this is.

The tide was out in the morning.

This is Ballycarberry castle. Out in the middle of a field. There is a house nearby with this view out the back window. Cattle grazing in and around the castle.

The story. Click to enlarge.

The six of us on top of the castle. You can climb all over it. No handrails, no guides.

Another shot.

This is looking down the stairwell into a couple of lower levels.

Notice the window starting to split. Don't know if it has been like that for 4 years or 400 years.

Sheep grazing. If you like stone walls then Ireland is the place for you. They are everywhere. New ones are being built everyday. I noticed that the new ones have cinder block inside.

We ate a picnic lunch at a ring fort nearby. This structure is somewhere between 3000 and 1500 years old.

Tom, is that cow on the left dead or alive?

We took the ferry to Valentia island. Absolutely beautiful.

Here is a picture of the lighthouse at Valentia Harbour.

You'll see a lot of pictures of the lighthouse in this blog entry.

A flower.

A farmstead across the bay on the mainland.

Another lighthouse picture.

This isn't a lighthouse view. It is a mountain view.

Sue and Bob.

Margot and Tom.

I find the stone wall patterns fascinating.

Sheep grazing near the summit of Geokaun mountain. Valentia Island is the western most inhabited location in Europe.

Bob and his video camera.

Another shot of the surrounding fields.

Another lighthouse picture.

Dana taking a picture of the lighthouse.

Waves crashing into the rocks.

This picture is near the spot where the first successful transatlantic telegraph cable started in 1865. This was the second attempt. Someone dropped the end of the first one when they were about 600 miles from New York.

Boats in the harbour.

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