Thursday, September 10, 2009

Killarney - Day 2

The weather today was even worse. More or less rained all day. We went back to Killarney to see more sights. When we arrived in town we scored a parking place next to the cathedral. This on is fairly new - built around 1870.

After the cathedral we walked over to the Deenagh Lodge which is run by the Kerry County Down Syndrome group. It provides occupational opportunities for their clients. This is the same group that employs Mary Frances, our hostess in Ireland.

After some scones and tea at the lodge we took a walk in the rain through the park. It would have been even more beautiful if the weather was more cooperative.

After lunch we toured Ross castle. This has more or less been completely restored. It originally was the tall structure and a wall around it. You can see a bit of the wall on the left. It is right on the lake shore. The larger section to the right was built later as a troop barracks and later modified to look like a castle ruins when the structure was a tourist attraction in the 1800s.

I sneaked this shot from inside the castle. I think this was the family dining room.

Here is the view along the walk I mentioned earlier.

These boats are available to take out on the lake on a better day. I couldn't resist putting a blue tint in the overexposed sky. We can imagine what it would have been like on a nice day. I predict better weather tomorrow.

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