Monday, September 3, 2012

Rogers, Arkansas Wildlife

Margot and I went to Rogers to visit my parents for a few days before we left for Beijing.

I thought the sunset made for nice light on the lake.

As I'm admiring the scene along comes a couple of foxes.

Tough to get a good picture of them when they are moving. The light was pretty dim.

I'm not sure if the is the same one in the shot above.

These pictures are from the driveway of the house.

 Here is another shot.

There are 3 foxes that are reported to hang out together but I only saw 2 myself.

The following day I went out to the end of the driveway and sat down for a while. Sure enough, about the same time of day they run by - headed in the other direction. Notice the difference in the light from one day to the next.

The next day these 2 fawns wandered by the front window. Sort of hard to see but it is raining - the remnants of hurricane Issac.

Following along behind was mom.

I took these from inside the house through the living room window.

How long do you call young deer fawns? They are spotted but they are getting pretty big by this time of the year.

One last shot.

Click to enlarge any of them.

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  1. Nice pics! Beats frog jump & all the guys with their toys.
    Uncle Chip