Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shanghai - Dong Tai Rd and Yu Yuan

Shoppers walk through Dong Tai Lu market

Two days after arriving in Beijing we left for Shanghai. The purpose of the trip was to apply for a work permit and residence permit.

On Saturday we went to the Dong Tai Lu antique market.
Street scene at Dong Tai Lu market

It is a pretty big place. It stretches along a couple of blocks plus a side street.

I saw a number of slide rules but only bought one.

It is a neighborhood with store fronts and stalls along the street. Notice the poles for hanging laundry at the 2nd story windows.

The place is similar to the Pan Jia Yuan market in Beijing except with more character. A lot of the same stuff.

It was surprisingly empty compared to Panjiayuan.

Click to enlarge.
Tourist reading a map at DOng Tai Lu market in Shanghai

Can you say TOURIST! Here I am planning our next move.

We walked along Fang Bang Lu to the Yu Yuan Garden area. The route changes character several times along the way but generally it is very local and very interesting.
Tea and fruit for sale on Fang Bang Lu in Shanghai

The last thing Margot bought in the US was tea! I assured her that there was a lot of tea in China and she would have no trouble finding some.

Here is the proof.
Eating dumplings at Yu Yuan

We had dumplings at a restaurant in the Yu Yuan area for lunch. A little confusion about how many we wanted and when to pay for them but we got it figured out. You use the straw to suck out the HOT broth then eat the dumpling and pork filling.

This area was packed with tourists and maybe a few locals. I'd say 99% plus of the visitors were Chinese.

This is an ice cream place near the dumpling place. I've seen this sort of place before somewhere. Anyway, they use the long steel rods to mix and cool the ice cream. Sort of fun to watch.

Here is sort of a crowd picture.

I left my camera in Beijing unintentionally. All these pictures are with Margot's cell phone. It does a pretty decent job when the light is good. Especially when you consider the lens and sensor size. I did enhance them with some post processing on the computer.
Fish in pond outside Yu Yuan Garden

There was a huge crowd around the lake or fountain. Turns out they were feeding the goldfish or carp.

They were pretty well fed judging by the size of them.

Here is another shot of the pond.

You can read Margot's account of the day on her blog  I took the one less traveled

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