Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tianzifang - Shanghai

While in Shanghai Margot and I visited place called Tianzifang. It is an old neighborhood that has transformed into a sort of artist and artisan area.

The neighborhood has a lot of small lanes that go here and there.

Lots of stuff. I've mentioned this before but it bears repeating. The citizens of the largest communist country in the world must know of what they speak. Check out the bag in the middle.

They haven't really tried to clean up the infrastructure. Take a look at the electrical lines.

There are also a lot of restaurants and bars there, also.

Lots of places to explore.

There were a lot of people there taking pictures. Many of them looked like students. I wonder if they were taking a photography class.

This gentleman is chopping up a tomato. I'm not sure if it is for his own consumption or as part of a restaurant menu.

The area is still a neighborhood with a lot of people living there.

This seemed like a popular spot to get your picture taken.

This picture spot was the entry way to someone's home.

I'm not sure I would enjoy living in a tourist attraction.

Around one of the corners we stumbled on this little market spot - it just reinforces the point that this is still a neighborhood.

Here is another lane. Basically the shops are downstairs and living quarters are upstairs.

I wish I would have found this at the beginning of our visit.

There is an interesting story behind the architecture of the area that you can find here --> Tianzifang

The Shikumen architecture is interesting, also --> Shikumen

In case anyone thinks that China today is completely foreign land, devoid of western influences or comforts, I leave you with a picture of moonpies in the grocery store.

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