Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hong Kong at Night

The skyline of Hong Kong must be one of the most photographed in the world.  It really is amazing if you are into urban landscapes.

Here is the ferry terminal in the foreground and the skyline of Hong Kong island in the background.

We met Calvin for dinner on Saturday night and had a great time. He took us to a neat restaurant across the street from his office. He is doing great. He is working for the International Hotel Group (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, etc.)

After dinner we walked along the harbor front. It is similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame except dedicated to Hong Kong personalities.

Here Margot and I pose at the Bruce Lee star.

Bruce even gets a special statue. Lots of people getting their picture taken in front of it.

It was near Halloween and the local motorcycle club decided to dress up while they displayed their machines.

I thought these were  Harry Potter fans in costume but Calvin thinks they were actually recent college graduates out to get their picture taken against the skyline.

Here is another of the classic Hong Kong island skyline shots. Notice the apartments and homes on the hillside.

Click to enlarge.

Another shot of the skyline with a harbor ferry. These harbor ferries are basically for tourists these days. There are highways and subway lines in tunnels under the harbor now.

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