Saturday, November 10, 2012

Miscellaneous Beijing Pictures

Here is a mish-mash of various pcitures. Most are during Bob, Sue and Alyssa's visit.

As we walked back the apartment from Jingshan Park we passed by this tower on the Northeast corner of the Forbidden City.

These birds and cages are on Donghuamen.

This is a Chinese Opera (I think) performer on the outdoor stage at Snack Street.

A similar picture can be found on this post if you missed it.

Snack Street

This guy was entertaining the children. Margot thinks he is making these figures by blowing some sort of sugar concoction a la glass blowing.

This guy is part of the shtick at this restaurant. He occasionally bellows out to try and drum up business.

Here is another group singing in front of the church on Wangfujing.

A better shot of the small monument near the church.

This is one of the staircases leading from the subway into the Silk Market.

The Inich/Wall group dropped some serious change here. On the other hand that some really nice Rolox watches, Coash purses and Ughs in addition to suits and shirts.

We went to dinner at Quanjude for Peking Duck one evening. It is really good, I think, especially the skin.

You can see some of the skin on the plate next to the duck.

It allegedly takes 100 cuts to prepare the duck for the diners.

This is the outside of the restaurant.


  1. You might want to spell check Rolex, Coach and Uggs (though ugh is good word to describe the bargaining process) :-)

  2. Oops.. just realized you did spell that stuff right! However, Alyssa is spelled with just one "l" :-)

    1. For awhile there I was afraid that was a little to subtle. Regarding Alyssa, I have to stop and thing every time but I can't find where her name is misspelled. Can you point me to it?

    2. It is on one of your Facebook postings on November 10........