Monday, November 19, 2012

Hong Kong

View of Hong Kong Island apartment buildings from Victoria Peak

Margot and I had a chance to do a little sightseeing in Hong Kong.

This is the view from Victoria Peak. It was a little overcast but the sun came out now and again.

Hong Kong airport arrival and departure hall

I met Margot at the Hong Kong airport after she arrived from Beijing. I took this picture while killing time.

It is really modern airport and is consistently ranked as one of the world's best.
Harbor ferry at Hong Kong

We took the harbor ferry to Hong Kong island on our way to the peak. These used to be the main mode of cross harbor transportation.

They are pretty old fashioned. The backrest for the seats swings from one side to the other so that you an face forward regardless of the direction the ferry is moving.

This one of the jet boat ferries that takes gamblers back and forth to Macau. I think it is about a 60 minute trip.

I saw this bird from the ferry so I took a picture not expecting much.

Turns out that when I zoomed in the thing was carrying a pretty good sized fish.

Click to enlarge.

I don't know if her original idea was that her skin would be camouflage for her backpack or not. Maybe she bought the backpack to match the tats.
Tram at the Peak in Hong Kong

We took the tram up to the observation center on the top of the hill.

The car is pulled up by a cable between the tracks.

The tracks are very steep in places. There are standing room places on the tram but it looked like you had to work pretty hard to stay standing and not fall down.

This is the view as we passed through one of the stations on the way up. There are neighborhoods and high rise apartments at spots on the hillside. I gather that these stations are used for commuters.

This is the view from inside the Peak Tower. There are a lot of shops and restaurants inside including, for some reason, a Bubba Gumps.

Here we are on the observation deck on the top.

The elevation is over 1200 ft above sea level.

A view from the top.

There are a lot of houses on the side of the hill. Not sure I'd like to live in such a fishbowl with people looking at my property all the time.

On the other hand, I wish I had enough money to afford one even if I wouldn't choose to buy one.

Here is the view looking south - opposite from the harbor view.
Spice shop in Hong Kong

After the trip down from the peak we wandered around the Central district of Hong Kong. Lots of interesting shops. It is a semitropical climate so in a lot of places they just roll up the garage door and are open to the street. This is a spice shop.
Small metal working shop in Hong Kong

A couple of doors down was a metal working shop. This guy was making a series of the steel racks you see next to the door on the left.

Click to enlarge.
Cultural revolution figurines in souvenir shop in Hong Kong

This souvenir shop was selling reminders of Mao and the Cultural Revolution. Not sure why since Hong Kong was never part of that scene. I guess they are targeting the Mainland tourists. Notice the figure in the dunce cap just to the left of center. People labelled enemies of the revolution were often denounced and paraded through the streets. In a society were "face" is very important, many committed suicide.

Bamboo scaffolding is still used in Hong Kong. It has been banned in China in favor of steel.

Lot of shops and signs on the pretty narrow streets.

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