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Shenzhen skyline from the Grand Hyatt hotel.

I had  a business meeting in Shenzhen and Hong Kong a few weeks ago. Shenzhen is the closest mainland city to Hong Kong which is off the southeastern coast of China.

Plaza at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a very new city  It was selected by Deng Xiaoping as the trial location for his reform and opening up transformation and was designated a Special Economic Zone.

All of this was built since 1979.

Wikipedia Link for Shenzhen
Another view of the Shenzhen skyline from the Grand Hyatt hotel.

This is a view from the 33 floor of the Hyatt Hotel.

The SABIC offices are in the tall blue-green building to the right.
Shenzhen skyline showing 2 different construction phases

Before the SEZ was formed Shenzhen was just a fishing village. You can see 2 periods of construction here. The older low  rise building and the newer taller buildings.

I thought this broom used by the street cleaners to be quite a contrast to the skyscrapers.

The land across the river is actually Hong Kong New Territories which was acquired by Great Britain in 1898 on a 99 year lease.

This the SABIC compounding plant near Shenzhen on the city of Nansha.

This is a little farm near the plant. I took the picture out the bus window as we drove by.
Freighter in the Pearl River estuary in China

After the visit to the plant we took the ferry to Hong Kong. It is about a 1.5 hour ride. All sorts of vessels in the Pearl River Estuary.
Fishing boats in the Pearl River estuary in China

This looks like a fishing vessel.
Ships in the Pearl River estuary in China

The 3 ships are of the same design and look like they are for carrying sand or gravel or soil for land reclamation.

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